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There are no dues for membership, instead, we ask all Bike Alpharetta Friends to volunteer for community events and attend meetings. It’s pretty simple. We want more people to become active in making our community safe for all types of cycling, especially young children! Look below at some of our accomplishments in the past year:



Jan 2020 – Recap Bikes For Kids

Oct 2019 – Bikes For Kids Returns

May 2019 – National Bike Month

Mar 2019 – Remembering Emil

Jan 2019 – Bicycle Friendly & BikesForKids

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The City of Alpharetta has formed a Bicycle Advisory Committee. Members of Bike Alpharetta and the community are invited to provide feedback three times a year related to Department of Public Works, Department of Public Safety, Department of Recreation, Parks and Cultural Services, and Community Development.

  • Westside Parkway – Webb Br to Windward corrected stripping to accommodate planned bike lanes
  • Morris Rd – Bike lanes north of Preston Ridge and multi-use pathway access down to QT and park area at Old Milton & GA400
  • New Bike Pumps installed at two locations adjacent to Big Creek Greenway: North Point Pkwy Trail Head and Rock Mill Park
  • Full Bike Repair station installed on the Thompson Street section of new Alpha Loop
  • Bike Repair station installed next to new Police Substation at 92 Milton Ave.
  • Rucker Road – Applied best possible bike lane accommodations Wills Rd to Charlotte Rd, completion target May 2020
  • Bethany & Mayfield – Addition of a 4ft bike lane for eastbound traffic, Targeted finish Q3 2020
  • Kimball Bridge (Eastside) – Westbound bike lane (northside), Eastbound multiuse pathway, neighborhood park at corner of Waters Rd included with the project
  • Webb Bridge – Ensuring facilities for all riders on the street bike lanes and a multiuse pathway, Final design in-progress
  • North Point Redevelopment – more bike friendly, Bike Alpharetta endorsements provided to attain grants for Bike Trail study – connecting mall area to Encore Pkwy, Alpha Loop, and Greenway.

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  1. Hi Cliff. We do have a solid supply but won’t turn any way! You are welcome to drop off on Domestique Day. Or send us an email and we can talk offline – bikesforkids@bikealpharetta – dot – com

  2. Do you need bike parts

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